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Here you find conference meeting reports, essays, and articles for scientific outreach.

'The Walls', is an ode to plant root development. The concrete walls placed at predetermined sites in a building under construction are very similar to accurate positioning of the new cell walls during cell division. Medium: Digital photography and collage. 2017. 

Scientific Outreach

Chugh, M. (2020). Back to bench is resetting my mental clock. The node - The company of Biologists.

The most-read article of the year and also translated in Chinese to reach Chinese audiences via WeChat.

Chugh, M., & Hermsdorf, G. (2019). Homemade low-frequency vibration isolation system matches or exceeds commercial options. Laser Focus World, 55(10).

Hmadi, R., Jeschke, A., Chugh, M., Ilangovan, V. (2018). Hacking genomes using CRISPR. The Offspring Magazine, 20-21.

Chugh, M. (2017). In conversation with Prof. Marja Timmermans. The Offspring Magazine, 5-6.

Chugh, M. (2017). A journey decoded. The Offspring Magazine, 12-13.


Chugh, M. (2014). MEETING REPORT: Resonance: bringing together disciplines. Current Science, 106(5), 655-657.

Logos linked to the outreach channels. 

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