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Scientific Research  

Chugh, M.**, Munjal, A.* and Megason, S.G.*, (2022). Hydrostatic pressure as a driver of cell and tissue morphogenesis. In Seminars in Cell & Developmental Biology. Academic Press. **co-corresponding author


Bugiel, M., Chugh, M., Jachowski, T.J., Schäffer, E. and Jannasch, A., (2020). The kinesin-8 Kip3 depolymerizes microtubules with a collective force-dependent mechanism. Biophysical Journal, 118(8), pp.1958-1967.

Chugh, M., Reißner, M., Bugiel, M., Lipka, E., Herrmann, A., Roy, B., Müller, S. and Schäffer, E., (2018). Phragmoplast orienting kinesin 2 is a weak motor switching between processive and diffusive modes. Biophysical Journal, 115(2), pp.375-385.


Schellhaus, A. K., Moreno-Andrés, D., Chugh, M., Yokoyama, H., Moschopoulou, A., De, S., ... & Antonin, W. (2017). Developmentally Regulated GTP binding protein 1 (DRG1) controls microtubule dynamics. Scientific Reports, 7(1), 1-16.

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Scientific Community and Policy 

Chugh, M.*, & Joseph, T. (2024). Citizenship privilege harms science. Nature, 628(8008), 499-501.

Singh, G., Teng, D., Turki, H., Bouchard, L. F., Chen, Y., Chugh, M., ... & Sharma, V. (2024). Changing outdated expectations. Science, 383(6678), 24-26.


Chugh, M.** and Polka, J.** (2023). Congress could stop free public access to government-funded research. STAT First Opinion.


Chugh, M.*, (2023). Science is more than sum of research. The node -The company of Biologists -- Commissioned for new series: Honest Conversations. 

Yalcin, E., Martinez-Corral, R. and Chugh, M.*, (2023). Retaining postdocs by recognizing their worth. Nature Biotechnology, 41(2), pp.296-298. *corresponding author


Chugh, M.*, (2023) Calling for institutional reform by compensating early career researchers for diversity labor. Trends in Microbiology.

Chugh, M.*, (2023). Visas: speed up processing to boost inclusivity. Nature, 615(7950), pp.34-34.

da Silva, C. F. A.*, Virgüez, E.*, Eker, S.*, Zdenek, C. N.*, Bergh, C.*, Gerarduzzi, C.*, ... & Chugh, M.** (2023). The future of scientific societies. Science, 380(6640), 30-32. 

**co-corresponding author

Chugh, M.* (2020). Back to bench is resetting my mental clock. The node - The company of Biologists.

The most-read article of the year and also translated in Chinese to reach Chinese audiences via WeChat.

Scientific Outreach 

Chugh, M.**, & Hermsdorf, G. (2019). Homemade low-frequency vibration isolation system matches or exceeds commercial options. Laser Focus World, 55(10).

Hmadi, R., Jeschke, A., Chugh, M., Ilangovan, V. (2018). Hacking genomes using CRISPR. The Offspring Magazine, 20-21.

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Chugh, M.* (2017). A journey decoded. The Offspring Magazine, 12-13.


Chugh, M.* (2014). MEETING REPORT: Resonance: bringing together disciplines. Current Science, 106(5), 655-657

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